How to Remove the Directional Lever on a 1987 Chrysler LeBaron

The directional lever, also called the turn signal lever, on the 1987 Chrysler LeBaron is mounted to the car's steering column. On many vehicles, you can remove the turn signal lever with ease; however, on the 1987 LeBaron, you'll need to remove the steering wheel first. This is because the lower edge of the steering wheel covers the turn signal lever's mounting screws.

Tools Used: Pliers, Socket wrench, Steering wheel puller attachment, Phillips screwdriver

Remove Directional Lever

Disconnect the LeBaron's negative battery cable with your pliers or wrench. This is necessary to disarm the car's air bag. Allow 10 minutes to pass after disconnecting the battery.

Inspect the rear edges of the steering wheel. You'll see a bolt on each side. Remove the two bolts with a socket wrench. This frees the air bag and horn hub in the center of the steering wheel.

Grasp the air bag and horn hub and carefully pull it away from the steering wheel. Examine the back of the hub to find the electrical connection. Unplug it. Remove the air bag and horn hub from the LeBaron.

Remove the nut from the center of the spacer block in the center of the steering wheel. Grasp the spacer block and remove it from the steering wheel. This exposes the steering wheel nut.

Use a steering wheel pulling attachment with your socket wrench to remove the steering wheel nut. Grasp the steering wheel and pull it off.

Remove the two Phillips screws from the turn signal stalk, and then remove the turn signal stalk from the steering column. Unplug the connection from the back of the stalk.

Tips & Warnings

Some Chrysler LeBaron models may not have an air bag. If this is the case, the removal procedure for the steering wheel is identical. The horn hub is still present where the air bag and horn hub are on vehicles equipped with air bags. If the LeBaron doesn't have an air bag, waiting 10 minutes after disconnecting the battery is not necessary.

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