How to Remove the Water Pump on a 1987 Toyota Corolla

Water pump failure on the 1987 Toyota Corolla leads to engine overheating. This can be dangerous for your car's engine, because if you allow the vehicle to overheat continuously, you risk ending up with a blown head gasket, a repair not so easy to make. You can take care of this project yourself in your garage or driveway. It isn't that hard and you can save your hard-earned dollars and not have to pay the high rates at a repair garage.

Tools Used: Drain pan, Metric socket set, Metric wrench set

Remove the Water Pump

Starting with a cool engine, drain the coolant into a drain pan. You can access the drain valve on the bottom of the radiator. Open it with a wrench.

Use a wrench to remove the bolts on the fan shroud, if your engine has one, and pull it away from the radiator. Loosen up the alternator using a ratchet and socket. Push it toward the engine and pull the drive belt off.

Remove the cooling fan assembly by removing the bolts with a socket and ratchet and pulling it away. If your fan has a fluid coupling, do not lay it on its side.

Remove the water outlet housing, using a wrench to unbolt it. Also remove the bypass pipe and hose.

Remove the heater outlet, using a screwdriver to loosen the clamp. Pull the oil dipstick out of the dipstick guide and take the dipstick tube off the car, using a wrench to loosen it up.

Remove the lower timing belt cover from the car using a ratchet and socket.

Remove the retaining bolts from the water pump with a socket and ratchet and pull it away from the engine.

Place a new gasket and water pump on the engine and tighten the bolts using a ratchet and socket.

Tips & Warnings

If you drain the coolant into a clean container, you can reuse it in the engine when you have finished the project.

Household pets are attracted to antifreeze because of its "sweet" properties. Never simply allow it to drain to the ground or put the drain pan where your pets can get to it. Sufficient quantities will cause death.

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