How to Change Low Fuel Light on 1987 Toyota Pickup

The 1987 Toyota pickup truck comes equipped with several dash lights that help illuminate the various pieces of instrumentation on its instrument panel. One of these lights if the "Low Fuel" light. It is very simple to replace the light on your vehicle's instrument panel: All you need is a replacement bulb, a socket wrench and a Phillips screwdriver. The dash light bulb replacement process takes no more than 10 minutes.

Tools Used: Socket wrench, Phillips screwdriver, Replacement 194-type bulb

Change Low Fuel Light

Turn the Toyota's engine off and prop open the hood. Remove the battery's negative terminal cable with a socket wrench to prevent the air bags from deploying.

Uninstall the four screws holding the dash trim panel in place -- the screws are located just above the instrument panel.

Remove the two screws that secure the truck's instrument panel. Slide the panel towards you and reach behind it. Disconnect the rear electrical wiring connectors on the underside of the instrument panel and pull the panel out of the vehicle.

Remove the old 194-type bulb from the socket of the "LOW FUEL" light by rotating it to the left. Place a new bulb into the socket and rotate it to the right. Reassemble the instrument panel into the vehicle and reconnect the battery.

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