How to Replace the Drive Belt on a 1988 Honda Accord

The drive belt on the 1988 Honda Accord runs all of the engine's accessories like the water pump, the alternator, fan belt and air-conditioning pump. The Accord uses one belt to drive everything, making it a serpentine belt. This means you can replace one belt to ensure all accessories work properly. With a minimal amount of tools and just a little amount of time, you can replace a warn drive belt quickly.

Tools Used: 3/8 ratchet drive

Replace Drive Belt

Draw a diagram of the pulleys the drive belt connects to. Draw on the diagram the side of the pulley the belt presses against; this helps you when you put the new belt in place.

Place a 3/8-inch ratchet drive into the tensioner pulley located by the water pump pulley. The pulley is identifiable by the square hole on the face of it and by the fact it does not connect to any piece of equipment. It bolts to a bracket on the engine block.

Pull up on the ratchet handle to relieve pressure on the belt. Pull the belt off the tensioner pulley.

Remove the belt from the other pulleys and then place the new belt onto the other pulleys per the diagram you drew.

Pull up on the ratchet driver and slide the belt around the pulley. Let go of the ratchet to add pressure to the belt.

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