How to Fix a Carburetor on a 1988 Honda Accord

The carburetor on your 1988 Honda Accord is located on the top of the vehicle's engine. Once you open up the hood of the Accord the carburetor is one of the first parts of the engine that is visible. Carburetors take oxygen and fuel and blend them together, causing the fuel to be more explosive. Repairing or replacing the Accord's carburetor is a very simple repair job that can easily be performed in your garage.

Tools Used: Pliers, New carburetor

Fix a Carburetor

Pop open the hood of the Honda Accord vehicle. Find the carburetor on the engine and look for a metal rod in the middle of carburetor.

Turn the securing nut counterclockwise to remove it from the metal rod that is securing the carburetor in place. Take a pair of pliers and loosen up the nuts connecting the input and output lines on the carburetor. Detach the lines.

Pull the carburetor off of the vehicle's engine. Take the new carburetor and place it down the metal rod. Return the securing nut by twisting it clockwise to secure the carburetor. Connect the input and output lines to the new carburetor.

Use the pliers to tighten up the securing nuts to lock the lines in place. Shut the hood of the vehicle.

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