How to Replace the Gas Tank on a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

With proper precautions the home mechanic can change a fuel tank safely. Gasoline is extremely flammable, so take extra precautions when you change the gas tank on your 1987 Cutlass Supreme. Don't smoke or allow open flames or bare light bulbs near the work area, and don't work in a garage where a natural gas-type appliance (examples: water heater or clothes dryer) with a pilot light are present. If you spill any gas on your skin, rinse it off immediately with soap and water. Wear safety glasses and have a Class B type fire extinguisher on hand.

Tools Used: Siphoning kit, Floor jack, Jackstands, Wrenches, Bleed hose, Fuel container, Screwdriver

Replace the Gas Tank

Siphon any residual fuel out of the gas tank before removing. Do not start the siphoning action with your mouth, use a siphoning kit available at most automotive stores.

Relieve the fuel pressure by removing the fuel filler cap. On models with throttle body injection , remove the fuel pump fuse and run the engine until it stalls, then crank the engine for three seconds. On models with port fuel injection loosen the fuel filler cap, screw one end of a gauge bleeder hose on the Schrader valve on the fuel rail and place the other end of the gauge bleeder hose in an approved fuel container. Open the valve on the gauge to relieve pressure.

Detach the cable from the negative terminal of the battery. Place it out of the way to prevent electrical shock.

Raise the vehicle. Place securely on jack stands.

Unplug the electrical connector for the electric fuel pump and fuel gauge sending unit. It is located in front of the tank. If your vehicle does not have a connector, see Step 7.

Disconnect the fuel feed and return lines, the vapor return line and the filler neck and vent tubes. Support the fuel tank with a floor jack.

Disconnect both fuel tank retaining straps. Lower the tank enough to disconnect the wires and the ground strap from the fuel pump/fuel gauge sending unit, if you have not already done so.

Remove the tank from the vehicle. Plug the opening with a rag and store in a safe place until disposal.

Install the new tank by reversing the removal steps.

Tips & Warnings

If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft audio deterrent disable it before disconnecting the battery.

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