How to Replace the PCV Valve on a 1988 Ford Mustang

The PCV valve on the 1988 Ford Mustang engines is responsible for recycling unburned gas from the crankcase back to the combustion chamber. PVC is defined as positive crankcase ventilation. The PVC valve is considered an emissions component because it prevents the unburned gas from blowing out into the air. The valve has a pressure release ball inside that opens and closes due to pressure from the crankcase. Once a high amount of pressure from the unburned gas pushes against the pressure release ball, the ball will open and release the unburned gas into the combustion chamber.

Tools Used: Clean Rags, New PCV valve

Replace PCV Valve

Park the 1988 Ford Mustang and open the hood. Set the parking brake to prevent the car from rolling away as you repair it.

Locate the silver colored L-shaped PCV valve, located on the valve cover closest to the air filter housing. The PCV valve is inserted into a rubber grommet on top of the valve cover. There are two plastic tubes on top of the PCV valve.

Pull the plastic tubes off of the PCV valve with your hands. If the tubes are stuck, twist them as you pull them off.

Pull the PCV valve straight out of the rubber grommet seated on top of the valve cover. Wipe down the area around PCV valve and the rubber grommet with a clean rag to remove any dirt or grease.

Push the new PCV valve into the rubber grommet and reattach the plastic tubes to the top of the PCV valve. Make sure the new PCV valve is completely seated into the rubber grommet. Close the hood.

Tips & Warnings

The PCV valve is designed to fit in only one direction to prevent the valve from being installed backwards.

To test the operation of the PCV valve, shake it back and forth with your hands. If you can hear the pressure release ball inside the valve moving around, then the PCV valve is in good condition. If you cannot hear the ball moving around, then the ball is stuck and the valve must be replaced.

Use caution when working around a hot motor to prevent burns.

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