How to Install a Fuel Injector on a 1988 Ford Mustang

The fuel injectors on your 1988 Ford Mustang are very effective fuel system components---but their coil, valve and other frail internal parts may easily break after years of service. A single bad injector on your Mustang can cause engine rough idle, hard steering and bad fuel economy. However, you can easily restore engine performance and save money by following this guide to replace one or more bad injectors on your Ford Mustang.

Tools Used: Wrench, Hand vacuum pump, Spring lock coupling tool, Ratchet, ratchet extension and socket, Engine oil

Install a Fuel Injector

Remove the Fuel Injectors

Loosen the fuel tank filler cap.

Remove the ground battery cable using a wrench. This is the black cable attached to the battery post with the minus sign next to it.

Remove the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator. You can find this on the fuel rail where the fuel injectors connect.

Connect a hand vacuum pump to the fuel pressure regulator and apply about 25 in Hg of pressure to the regulator. This will push the fuel in the return line back into the tank and relieve fuel system pressure.

Detach both fuel lines from the fuel rail using a spring lock coupling tool.

Unplug the wiring harness routed along the fuel rail. This supplies electrical current to each fuel injector on the fuel rail.

Detach the fuel injector manifold assembly from the intake manifold using a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.

Unplug the electrical connectors from the fuel injectors you want to replace.

Grab one of the injectors you need to replace and gently rock it from side to side to unseat it from the fuel injector manifold assembly. Do the same with the rest of the injectors you are replacing.

Check every injector and make sure they all have the bottom plastic hat, which protects the injector's pintle. If not, look for it in the intake manifold and remove it.

Install the New Injectors

Apply a light coat of new engine oil to the O-ring seals of the new fuel injectors. There is one O-ring seal at the top and another at the bottom of each injector.

Push the new fuel injectors in place on the fuel injector manifold assembly.

Plug in the fuel injectors' electrical connectors.

Set the fuel injector manifold assembly in place, making sure every injector seats correctly on the intake manifold. Then tighten the manifold assembly with the ratchet, ratchet extension and socket.

Plug in the fuel injectors' wiring harness.

Attach both fuel lines to the fuel rail by pushing the lines against their corresponding fittings on the fuel rail.

Connect the vacuum hose to the fuel pressure regulator.

Reconnect the ground battery cable using your wrench.

Tighten the fuel tank filler cap.

Tips & Warnings

When working on the fuel system of your Ford Mustang, park away from appliances with open flames (like dryers and water heaters) to prevent a serious accident.

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