How to Replace the Rear Brake Shoes on a 1989 Ford Probe

The rear brake shoes on the 1989 Ford Probe are drum-style brakes. Because the rear brakes do not do much of the braking, cheaper drum style brakes are used an economical alternative to higher performance disc brakes. Drum brakes work by pushing two pads, called "shoes," against the inside of a drum, called a "brake drum." When your rear brakes wear down, new brake shoes are needed. These shoes can be purchased at an auto parts store.

Tools Used: Brake shoe removal tool, Impact wrench, Brake spring tool, Large Hammer, Jack, Jack stands, Wood blocks, Replacement brake shoes

Replace Rear Brake Shoes

Place wood blocks in front of the front wheels and lift the rear of the vehicle using a jack and the rear jack point on the Probe, located behind the trunk.

Place jack stands under the rear pinch welds and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

Unbolt the lug nuts using an impact wrench and pull the wheels up and off of the wheel hub assembly.

Hit the outside of the drum with a large hammer to loosen it from the axle and wheel hub. Then, pull the drum off of the wheel hub.

Remove the brake shoe retaining springs with the brake spring tool. Four springs hold the two brake shoes in place.

Push in on the retaining clip with the brake shoe removal tool while you hold the back of the retaining pin in place on the back of the wheel hub assembly and turn the clip counterclockwise. The shoes will come off.

Slide the new shoes into place and secure them using the brake shoe removal tool. The installation process is the reverse of removal.

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