How to Replace the Window Motors on a 1989 Chevrolet G-20 Van

Power window motors in the 1989 Chevrolet G-20 are the keystone components in the van's power window system. The motors transform the electrical power from the power window circuit into kinetic energy they employ to move the window regulators. Each regulator holds a window and moves it up or down depending on the direction the motor turns. The direction you push the window switch predicates the direction the window motor turns. If you have entry level auto-repair skills, you can replace the power window motors on a 1989 Chevrolet G-20 van.

Tools Used: Phillips screwdriver, Trim tool, Packing tape, Socket set

Replace Window Motors

Remove the retaining screws from the G-20's door panel using your Phillips screwdriver. Put all the screws in one place for easy retrieval when the time comes to reinstall the door panel.

Pry the door panel away from the G-20's door with the trim tool. It's easiest to begin at the lower-trailing edge of the panel, prying the trim pin located there out of the retaining hole and then working your way around the edges of the door panel until it's free of the door.

Lift the door panel up and off the G-20's door by hand. Unplug the power window and lock switches before moving the panel completely away from the door.

Lift the G-20's window to the top of the track and tape it to the top of the van's door with packing tape.

Disconnect the wiring connector from the base of the G-20's window motor manually. Unbolt the G-20's window motor from the window regulator and the door support using your socket set.

Replace the window motor by hand. Bolt the G-20's new motor to the door and window regulator with your socket set. Plug the wiring connector into the new window motor manually.

Reinstall the van's door panel in reverse of how you removed it.

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