How to Troubleshoot the Parking Light on a 1987 Toyota Pickup

The parking light on your 1987 Toyota pickup truck is one of the three lights on your tail lamp assembly. If the parking light itself is malfunctioning, it indicates a problem with the parking light bulb. If all three of the lights on the tail lamp assembly are malfunctioning, it indicates a fuse issue. Both problems have simple solutions that require only a screwdriver and a replacement bulb or fuse. The 1987 Toyota pickup uses 15A fuses for its tail lamp fuse and a No. 3057 bulb for its parking light.

Tools Used: Clean rag, Phillips screwdriver, Spare bulb, Spare fuse

Troubleshoot Parking Light

Turn the truck's engine off. Open the tailgate. On the inboard side of the truck, behind the tail lamps, are two screws. Remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Pull the taillight assembly out as far as you can. This will reveal the electrical harness. Unplug the harness from the rear of the assembly. Remove the assembly from the vehicle.

Remove the two screws securing the sockets to the tail lamp assembly. Pull out the middle socket on the assembly by rotating it counterclockwise. Pull the bulb out of the socket and use a clean rag to push the new bulb into the socket. Do not install the new bulb with your bare hands as it may damage the bulb.

Place the socket back into the assembly. Reattach the two screws to the assembly and reconnect the electrical harness. Place the assembly back into the truck and reinstall the two retaining screws. Close the tailgate.

Open the hood. Remove the cover panel from the fuse block. Find the "TAIL LAMP" fuse. On the underside of the cover panel is a fuse extractor.

Remove the fuse using a fuse extractor and replace it with an identical 15A fuse. Place the cover panel back onto the fuse block and close the hood.

Tips & Warnings

If the parking lights still do not work, the issue is with the vehicle's electrical system. Have the truck inspected by a mechanic.

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