How to Add Horsepower to 6.0 Ford Diesel Trucks

Items you will need: Air Intake, Exhaust system, Chip or tuner, Upgraded turbocharger

The 6.0 Ford powerstroke turbo diesel is an amazing engine that is robust and full of power. In stock trim it is perfect for many people, but for others, there is more to be desired. Fortunately, the 6.0 is a perfect platform for modifying and increasing horsepower and torque. Many of the upgrades that you can perform on the truck are relatively quick and easy and add a lot of power.

Replace the stock air box with a cold air intake. This will allow for a denser air intake charge to enter the engine and will easily increase the horsepower and torque of the engine.

Replace the stock exhaust with an aftermarket one. The stock exhaust is small in diameter and is very restrictive. Aftermarket exhausts are bigger in diameter and allow more exhaust to flow out of the engine, which will ultimately allow the turbo to spin at a higher velocity to increase power.

Flash the engine control unit to so that it increases turbo boost pressure and adjusts timing and fuel injection. This is very simple to do and is quick. Simply purchase a "tuner" from an aftermarket supplier and hook it up to your OBD diagnostic port and go through the commands on the tuner. You can select a "performance" mode and also revert back to stock mode when you want to conserve fuel.

Upgrade the turbo when the previous upgrades still haven't done it for you. An upgraded turbo will allow for more air to enter the motor, which will increase horsepower and torque. Upgrading the turbocharger is a bit more involved in terms of installation but is manageable with some knowledge of automotive systems.

Tips - If you aren't comfortable with installing aftermarket parts on your truck, consider taking it to a truck specialist so that you don't cause any damage to the truck.

Warnings - Modifying your truck is fun but can easily lead you to speeding and reckless driving if you aren't careful. Keep racing on the track where it belongs.

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