How To Add More Horsepower to My Integra

Items you will need: Full shop with specialized tools for automotive work, Acura Integra performance catalogues

The Acura Integra was manufactured from 1994 to 2001 and was and still is a popular and terrific starting point for a fast, modified Japanese sport compact car. There are multiple ways to get more horsepower from an Integra engine, whether it’s a standard engine or the more powerful VTECH engine.

Install a cold air intake. One of the first and most common tricks to getting more power from your Integra is the installation of a colder air intake, such as the one from Greddy. Engines thrive on cold, dense air, so replacing the stock air box with a cone filter and larger intake tubing will give an instant power gain.

Install a larger diameter, more free-flowing exhaust in place of the smaller diameter stock exhaust from the catalytic converter to the end of the exhaust, also known as a "cat-back" exhaust. The faster you can get spent exhaust gases out of the motor, the more potential power you can get out of it.

Install a 4-2-1 header in place of the stock restrictive manifold. Stock manifolds are mass-produced, with rough casting that gets in the way of smooth airflow as well as smaller than optimal exhaust passages. Replacing the stock manifold with a tubular one will allow exhaust gases to exit the motor more quickly and efficiently. (See Resources 1)

Upgrade the stock computer chip with a performance chip like one from Automotive Concepts. (See Resources 2) A performance chip will recalibrate your fuel and spark delivery for more horsepower.

Turbocharge or supercharge your engine. One of the most effective methods of gaining a significant amount of horsepower from your Integra is by installing a turbocharger or a supercharger. Both of these methods force more air to move through your engine faster, increasing power. It should be noted, however, that this is an expensive modification to perform, usually costing at least several thousand dollars, and should be performed by a professional shop with experience working on Acuras.

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