How to Adjust BMW 325I Headlights

Unlike those on most vehicles, BMW 325i headlights can only be adjusted up or down on a vertical axis. This makes it much easier to adjust the headlights, but does not provide a lot of flexibility in the adjustment options. Thankfully, BMWs tend to be well built, and the horizontal or lateral angle is set so that it will provide the best angle for the driver. A special screwdriver from BMW is required to adjust the 325i's headlights.

Step 1 - Turn the 325i's headlights on.

Step 2 - Open the hood and locate the headlight screw on the top of the headlight assembly. It will be a small screw.

Turn the screw clockwise to adjust the headlight beam upwards and counterclockwise to adjust the beam downwards. The beam should be just slightly lower than eye level for oncoming traffic.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: BMW headlight adjustment screwdriver

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