How to Customize a Chevy Aveo

Whether it's in sedan or hatchback form, the Chevrolet Aveo is a very cheap and practical car to own. It gets great gas mileage and is relatively nimble, though it's certainly not the quickest car around. An Aveo can be made to perform and look better with the addition of a few aftermarket parts and accessories. This article is an overview of the potential steps one can take to modify an Aveo, but does not cover specific procedures for the installation of the parts.

Step 1 - Install lowering springs and stiffer shocks. Replacing the stock springs on an Aveo with stiffer, lower springs will not only make it look better, but it will handle far better, with a lower center of gravity and less body roll (see Resources).

Step 2 - Replace the stock and relatively small wheels and tires that the Aveo comes with. Though alloys are an option on an Aveo, larger diameter wheels and wider, lower-profile tires will help it handle much better during cornering (see Resources). A lighter wheel reduces the unsprung weight, which is the weight that the suspension carries, and contributes to a more nimble-feeling Aveo. Keep in mind that your fuel mileage may be negatively impacted.

Step 3 - Increase the engine's horsepower by installing a larger, 3-inch exhaust and free-flow muffler like one from Magnaflow. These will both reduce back-pressure and add power. On the intake side of the motor, install a free-flow K&N air intake to get more cold, fresh air to the motor.

Step 4 - Add a custom front grill to the exterior. You can either purchase a made-to-fit grill or simply buy a piece of mesh and make your own grill with a few tools like a wire cutter. After that, get more extreme by installing a body kit from a company like Stat Racing, which includes new bumpers, side skirts, and front and rear lip spoilers.

Customize the interior. Start with some small additions like an aftermarket shift knob, aluminum pedals and smaller, leather steering wheel. From there, you can make a bigger change with a set of aftermarket bucket seats. The stock Aveo seats lack side bolstering for aggressive driving, so a performance seat will make a huge difference in how fun it is to drive.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Access to Chevrolet Aveo performance parts (eBay, etc.). Full shop with specialized automotive installation equipment.

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