How to Increase Fuel Economy on a Duramax Diesel

It's no secret that a Duramax diesel is not known for fuel economy. But there is more than one way to increase the fuel economy on a Duramax diesel and save money on gas. And while these modifications won't give you the gas mileage of a small commuter car, you can increase your fuel economy from three to six miles per gallon.

Step 1 - Purchase a chip for your vehicle's computer. Different types of plug-and-play computer chips come with specifics for installation.

Step 2 - Upgrade your exhaust system at a professional exhaust shop.

Step 3 - Convert to at least a 4-inch exhaust pipe and change the down pipe from your turbo if you choose to upgrade your exhaust.

Buy do-it-yourself kits that come with instructions for propane injection and water-methanol injection or have these modifications done professionally.

TIPS: You can perform many fuel-economy modifications yourself, but if you don't have sufficient mechanical experience, you can cause major problems. When in doubt, take your vehicle to a professional.

WARNINGS: Changing turbos or fuel injectors can yield higher power but won't significantly increase fuel economy.

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