How to Install a Door Panel Key Lock on a 1989 Honda Civic DX

The second most frequently stolen car in the United States in 2009 was the Honda Civic, according to USA Today. The Honda Civic's frequently used auto parts are easy to dismantle and sell. Attempts to steal your 1989 Honda Civic can leave your door panel key locks damaged. Former owners may still have a copy of the keys to your late model Civic. It is smart to change the door panel key locks on your 1989 Honda Civic.

Tools Used: Phillips-head screwdriver, Pry tool

Install a Door Panel Key Lock

Roll the door's window all the way up.

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the door panel speaker. Remove the speaker cover and pull the speaker out from the door. Do not remove the speaker from its wires.

Remove the window roller handle. Insert a pry tool under the roller and unclip it from the base. Pull it off its dowel.

Use the pry tool to unclip any trim found near the door handles, arm rests or any other accessories on the door panel. On the top of the door handle, unclip the plastic ring wrapped around the seat belt. Remove all trim.

Locate the clips found underneath the edges of the door panel and unseat them. The clips will be found on the left, right and bottom sides of the panel.

Find the rail at the top of the door panel. Lift the panel and pull it up and off the rail, then pull the panel in towards the car and remove it. Remember to thread the speaker and its wires, as they are still attached to the vehicle.

Locate the door lock behind the outside door handle. There will be two metal chords attached to the lock. Unclip them and set them aside by pulling back a resin tab.

Unscrew the door lock and replace it with the new lock. Restore the lock clips under their tab and replace the door panel, trim and speaker in the exact reverse order you took them off.

Tips & Warnings

Careful with the late-model plastic clips holding the door panel in place; they are old and brittle.

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