How to Remove the Catalytic Converter on a 1989 Jeep Wrangler

Removing the catalytic converter is not often required on your Jeep wrangler, but if you need to do it the process only takes a few minutes to complete. New converters are available though the dealer and many parts stores. They do not often go bad, but debris under the truck can damage the case or body of the converter.

Tools Used: Jack, Jack stands, Socket set, Ratchet

Remove Catalytic Converter

Raise the front of your Jeep with a jack. Position a set of jack stands under the front axle housing and lower the jack until the Jeep is resting securely on the jack stands.

Locate the catalytic converter under the truck. It is in the exhaust system just in front of the muffler and just behind the exhaust down pipe. Find the flange at the front of the converter with the two mounting bolts that secure it.

Remove the mounting bolts from the front flange with a ratchet and socket then separate the front pipe from the catalytic converter. Move to the back of the converter and locate the exhaust clamp that secures the catalytic converter to the muffler.

Remove the two mounting nuts from the clamp and separate the catalytic converter from the muffler by pulling the converter forward. Twisting the converter as you pull it will often help to free it from the pipe.

Remove the converter from under the truck.

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