How to Replace a Fuel Pump in a Geo Tracker

Items you will need: Fuel pump kit, Socket wrench set, Torque wrench

How to Replace a Fuel Pump in a Geo Tracker. The Geo Tracker fuel pump is electric so you should check its fuses and relays before looking at the fuel pump itself. If your fuel tank is not empty but your engine is still having trouble getting fuel, you may need to clean or replace your fuel pump The Geo Tracker's variety of styles may determine the replacement fuel pump you choose.

Choose a new fuel pump for your Geo Tracker. This will require you to know the make and model, engine size and engine type. Models made from 1989 to 1998 have a 1.6 L engine, and a 2.0 L engine was added for models made after 1998.

Prepare your vehicle for fuel pump servicing. Release the fuel system pressure, disconnect the negative battery cable and safely raise your vehicle. Drain the fuel tank and remove its connections. Remove the fuel tank mounting fasteners with a socket wrench and lower the fuel tank from the underside of your vehicle.

Remove the retaining bolts from the fuel pump with a socket wrench and lift the fuel pump out of the fuel tank. Discard the old gasket.

Install the new fuel pump using the items included in the kit, especially the gasket. Align the holes for the retaining bolts and push the fuel pump into the tank. Install the retaining bolts and tighten them securely.

Complete the installation by reversing the removal procedure. Tighten the fuel tank mounting fasteners to 36.5 ft. lbs. with a torque wrench.

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