How to Reset the Oil Light on a 2006 Honda Accord

The 2006 Honda Accord is equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) computer that reads trouble and maintenance codes from sensors throughout the vehicle. When the oil needs to be changed, an oil light illuminates on the instrument panel above the steering column. You should change the oil before you attempt to reset the code or else it will keep turning back on. But it is an easy fix that only takes a few minutes of your time from home. No special tools are required.

Step 1 - Put the key in the ignition and turn the key to the "On" position. Don't start the engine.

Step 2 - Look for the "Select/Reset" button above the steering column on the instrument panel. Push and release the button several times until the oil indicator light appears on the display. Hold the button in for at least 10 seconds. Release the button once the oil indicator light starts to blink.

Press the "Select/Reset" button. Hold the button for 10 seconds or until the oil indicator resets itself to 100.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Ignition key

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