How to Use Marvel Mystery Oil As a Motor Flush

Marvel Mystery oil was founded in 1923 by Burt Pierce in Chicago Illinois. Many vehicles at that time had ongoing problems with clogged carburetor jets due to poor refining processes. Marvel Mystery oil became well known for cleaning these jets and increasing engine performance. Marvel Mystery oil can be used in the fuel tank and mixed with the engine oil but is not recommended as a one time engine flush. No more than 25 percent of your oil should be replaced with Mystery Oil. You can flush sludge out of your engine by regular use of the product with each oil change.

Step 1 - Drive the car around the block to warm up the oil. Park the car on a level surface and set the parking brake. Crawl under the car and locate the drain plug on the oil pan. Place a container under the pan and remove the drain bolt with a socket wrench. Allow all fluid to drain and replace the plug. Remove the container and dispose of the old oil properly.

Step 2 - Locate the oil filter. Place the filter wrench around the oil filter and loosen it by turning it counter clockwise. Spin the filter off using your hands being careful not to spill any of the oil inside of it. Properly dispose the old filter.

Step 3 - Open one of the containers of oil and place a small amount of oil on your finger. Rub the oil over the rubber gasket on the new filter. Spin the filter clockwise on with your hands until you feel the gasket come in contact with the base. Tighten it an additional three quarters of a turn.

Step 4 - Open the hood and remove the oil cap. Place a funnel in the opening and pour 1 quart of Marvel Mystery oil inside the engine. Add regular engine oil until the dip stick is at the "full" mark. Replace the cap.

Drive the car for 3000 miles and change the oil again to flush out the engine sludge dislodged by the Mystery Oil.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Oil filter wrench, Oil filter, Socket wrench, Drain pan, Funnel, 4 quarts of engine oil, 1 quart of Marvel Mystery oil

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