How to Change Oil on a Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot is a line of heavy-duty SUVs introduced by Chevrolet in 2007. For all models, change the vehicle's oil at least every 3,000 miles. The oil lubricates different parts of the engine that move, reducing friction and loss of power. Changing the oil ensures the vehicle's parts work well and last beyond the warranty. Fortunately, changing the oil on a Jeep Patriot is relatively straightforward, considering the vehicle is so high off the ground; you most likely won't need to jack the vehicle up to get to the necessary components. So long as you have the right tools and replacement filter, this job won't take you more than an hour, if that.


Check the temperature display in the vehicle's dashboard and wait to change the oil when the gauge reads a lukewarm temperature. Otherwise, draining the dirty oil may burn your hand.

Put on two plastic gloves to keep your hands clean and slide under the vehicle from the front. If you can't get under the vehicle, raise the Patriot using a car jack and two jack stands, for stability.

Locate the oil pan, which looks like a large metal box just underneath the engine. A drain plug sticks out from the bottom. Stick the plastic bin underneath this plug.

Use the adjustable wrench to loosen the drain plug, turning counterclockwise. When the plugs loose, use your hand for the last few turns. The dirty oil will pour quickly out of the drain and splash on your fingers. Let the oil drain until nothing comes out and then replace the oil pan plug.

Locate the oil filter, which looks like a thick, white cylinder tucked beneath the engine. Slip the oil filter tool around the girth of it. Twist the tool counterclockwise until the filter is loose and finish with your hands.

Compare the old filter to the new filter for the same girth and height. Rub some clean oil on the seal of the new oil filter with your finger. Twist the new oil filter onto the engine mount with your hand to get the clasp started, and finish with the oil filter tool, turning clockwise.

Open your hood and locate the motor oil cap. Unscrew this and fill the engine with new oil. Replace the cap and pull out the dipstick, which has a yellow handle. The motor oil marking on the dipstick should be near the full tic on the head of the dipstick.

Tips: Dispose of your dirty oil at a nearby mechanic's shop.

Items you will need: Replacement Filter, Filter Changing Tool, Funnel, Plastic Gloves, Paper Towels, Replacement Motor Oil, Plastic Bin, Adjustable Wrench

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