How to Recharge Freon on a 1997 Ford F150

Recharging the freon in your Ford is also known as recharging the air conditioner. This is a part of standard auto maintenance. Over time, freon levels may drop and cause the air conditioner to lose power. Therefore, cold air will stop blowing through the vents in your truck. The process of charging an air conditioner is pretty straightforward and similar for most makes, models and years of automobiles. With a few simple steps, your AC can be functioning normally and ready for any hot day.

Step 1 - Wait at least 30 minutes after the last drive before working on the air conditioner. The engine will need to be cool.

Step 2 - Find the service knobs on the AC. The high-side knob is on the hose connecting the condenser to the compressor. The low-side knob is on the hose running from the compressor to the accumulator.

Step 3 - Connect the service hose to the can of refrigerant. Specific instructions for your brand of refrigerant will be located on the can. The instructions are generally the same from brand to brand, but be careful to read the instructions just in case there is some difference.

Step 4 - Turn the service hose valve to open it. The pressure that is released when the coolant and air come out will open the can of refrigerant. Close the valve once the can is broken open.

Step 5 - Attach the service hose to the low-side knob. The can of refrigerant needs to be held in an upright position while doing this.

Step 6 - Start your auto's engine.

Step 7 - Turn your air conditioning on to the highest possible setting.

Step 8 - Open the service valve. This will allow the refrigerant to enter the air conditioner.

Step 9 - Place your hand near the interior air conditioner vents of the F150. Make sure the air is cold. Continue to run the automobile until the can of refrigerant is empty. The air will not get any colder when the can is finally empty. Instead, it will remain at a steady cold temperature.

Step 10 - Close the service valve.

Step 11 - Turn the F150's engine off.

Remove the can from the service knob.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: R134a refrigerant

WARNINGS: Work in a well-ventilated area. Inhaling chemicals can be harmful to your health.

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