How to Replace the Speed Sensor on the 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

The 2002 Grand Caravan is a minivan designed and manufactured by Chrysler Group and sold under its Dodge name brand. The Grand Caravan is equipped with a speed sensor. The sensor is a magnetic device that generates signals as rotation occurs. This process tells the driver how fast they are driving at a specific time and is reflected on the speedometer. When the Grand Caravan speedometer begins jumping around or stops working completely, the sensor should be replaced.

Step 1 - Park the Grand Caravan and allow the van to cool for a half hour.

Step 2 - Jack the front of the vehicle up. Crawl under the vehicle to access the speed sensor. Locate the speed sensor. The speed sensor is found on the right side of the transmission on the 2002 Grand Caravan. The sensor has a black electrical connector and a red locking tab. If needed, refer to your repair manual for a diagram.

Step 3 - Remove the electrical connector. Squeeze the connector and pull at the same time. Unhook the locking tab by pushing the tab forward with your finger. The sensor is now accessible and ready to be removed.

Step 4 - Use a wrench to remove the sensor. Grasp the sensor and twist the component counterclockwise until the sensor can be pulled from the transmission. Discard the old sensor.

Install the replacement sensor in place. Twist the sensor clockwise until the component cannot be tightened anymore. Plug the electrical connector into place. Press the lock tab down to secure the sensor. The sensor is now replaced and ready for use. Crawl out of under the vehicle and slowly lower the jack.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Wrench, Replacement sensor

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