3 Ways to Reset or Remove BIOS Password on Acer Laptop

Forgot the BIOS password for your Acer laptop? Sometimes we need to access the BIOS to make some hardware changes to the computer but the BIOS is protected and secured by some password. Resetting login password for Acer is easily but when turns to the BIOS password, most users feel helpless. In this article, I will introduce the tops 3 ways to reset BIOS password for Acer laptops including Aspire, VivoBook, Zenbook,etc.

Method 1: Reset Acer BIOS Password Using Acer eSettings Management

If you still can boot into your computer, then you can use Acer eSettings Management to reset the BIOS password. Note that you need to install Acer Empowering Technology first. (http://www.acer.com/worldwide/support/download.htm)

  • Open Start Menu and go to All Programs > Empowering Technology > Acer eSettings Management.
  • Click BIOS Passwords near the footer of the screen.
  • With the Create Password or Remove Password options, you should be able to regain control.

Method 2: Remove Acer BIOS Password by Removing the CMOS Battery

Removing the CMOS Battery is a common way to remove a BIOS password. But this method involves fiddling with the computer hardware and components, so people unfamiliar with laptop hardware are not advised to do so.

  • Disconnect the power cord from your desktop computer or laptop. Remove the computer case using a screw driver and locate the flat, circular and metallic CMOS battery. Look at the picture below.

  • Observe how the latches are holding it. There are many different ways to remove a CMOS battery but the most common way on newer computers can be seen in the picture below.

  • Make sure your computer is power off. Take out the CMOS battery and wait 10 – 25 minutes before putting it back in because the computer can still store power in its capacitors even though everything is unplugged.
  • Plug everything back in, power up the computer and enter the BIOS again. If everything went well there should be no more password.

Method 3: Recover Acer BIOS Password Using the Manufacturer Backdoor Password

Some computer manufacturers build in backdoor passwords for their own technicians to use so they can access the BIOS when the hardware is being serviced. So if the BIOS password was set by the manufacturer, you can look up the BIOS manufacturer to see if they use a standard password. However Acer seems to refuse to assist customers with BIOS password issues unless you send the laptop to them and paying a $100 fee.

To sum up, we have introduced the top 3 ways to reset or remove Acer BIOS password in this article. Hoping it can help you!

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