How to Install the Radio in a 2002 Dodge Ram

Owners of the 2002 Dodge Ram truck who find themselves in need of a replacement car stereo can take advantage of the opportunity to significantly upgrade their vehicle's stereo system. The stock stereo in the '02 Ram was an AM/FM stereo with single-disc CD player. Replacement stereos come equipped with the ability to connect with external devices such as iPods or Mp3 players and satellite radio receivers for a relatively low cost. Choose the radio unit that fits your budget and audio needs, and install it yourself.

Step 1 - Park the Ram and turn off the engine. Pull the hood release lever under the driver's side of the dashboard.

Step 2 - Lift the hood of the truck and loosen the bolt that secures the negative battery cable. Lift the cable from the terminal. Set the negative battery cable aside.

Step 3 - Pry off the dash panel below the steering column with a trim panel removal tool.

Step 4 - Remove the single screw on the lower right corner of the main dash panel with a Phillips screwdriver. Pry the panel free from the dash with the pry tool. Remove the panel away from the dashboard by hand. The panel will still be connected to the dashboard by wiring connections to the climate controls. Leave the panel connected, letting it hang below the stereo dock.

Step 5 - Remove the two screws on either side of the stereo mounting dock with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 6 - Disconnect the antenna cable from the right side of the stock stereo's rear panel. Pull the stereo wiring connectors from the back of the unit.

Step 7 - Slide the aftermarket faceplate adapter onto the new radio.

Step 8 - Plug the stereo wiring into the outlets on the back of the new radio and plug in the antenna cable into the outlet labeled "FM ANT."

Step 9 - Slide the radio into the Ram's stereo dock until it snaps into the dash dock.

Step 10 - Lift the dash panel that surrounds the stereo assembly into place and press it firmly against the dashboard. Replace the screw on the panel's lower right corner with the screwdriver.

Step 11 - Lift the dash panel below the steering column to meet the underside of the dashboard. Press firmly against the panel to snap it back into place. Return to the truck's battery.

Place the negative battery cable clamp back around the negative battery post. Tighten the bolt on the clamp to secure the cable to the terminal. Close the hood.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: 10-mm wrench, Trim panel removal tool, Phillips screwdriver, Dodge aftermarket faceplate adapter

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