How to Make Your Own “Little Miss” Meme for Instagram

"Little Miss" memes are a new Instagram craze that a lot can't wait to get in on. Find out more about the characters and how to make your own.

A new viral meme has taken off on Instagram featuring characters from "Little Miss," a popular British series of children's books. Users save screenshots of the various cartoons in the series and give them their own "Little Miss" titles that best reflect their current moods, personalities, and in some cases, their flaws. The trend has birthed a slew of hilariously captioned and totally relatable memes that are capturing a wider audience on various social media platforms.

Instagram is a great resource for fun online trends to dive into and participate in. Users who like Instagram Story's 'Ask me a question' feature have probably given the anonymous Q&A app NGL Link a try, which has gained traction as an alternative option that lets followers ask questions without revealing who they are. There are also countless Instagram video filters that are doing so well that they, much like the "Little Miss" trend, are raking in the views and likes on other social media apps like TikTok and Twitter.

The "Little Miss" book series was launched by Roger Hargreaves — an English author and illustrator of children's books — in 1981, with the first installment featuring "Little Miss Bossy." Hargreaves wrote and illustrated these books as a follow-up to his equally successful "Mr. Men" book series that first took off with "Mr. Tickle" ten years prior. Every book features a character and his or her dominant personality trait, such as "Mr. Worry" or "Little Miss Sunshine." The beloved book characters were given new life on social media when Instagram user and meme creator @juulpuppy rebranded them with names some may consider more apt in capturing the zeitgeist of 2022. With spot-on titles like "Little Miss Irritable Bowel [Syndrome]," "Little Miss Shein Haul," and "Little Miss Fearful Avoidant," the post became massively popular, with over 48,000 likes on Instagram. Since then, users have turned the viral meme into a way to make light of their weaknesses, mental and social inadequacies, and other serious issues that would otherwise be a cause for sorrow or shame. Apart from taking off on Instagram where the meme originated, TikTok has also gotten a taste of this self-deprecating trend, with the #littlemiss hashtag gaining over 49 million views.

How To Create A “Little Miss” Meme

Ready to participate in this amusing and quirky Instagram phenomenon? There currently isn't an app or website specifically designed to create "Little Miss" or "Mr. Men" memes, but users can use photo-editing apps to make their own from scratch. First, visit either the official "Mr. Men" website or the "Mr. Men" and "Little Miss" Wiki pages and pick a character to use. Using a phone, take a screenshot of the character and crop the image to exclude the current title associated with it. Launch a photo-editing app that lets users add text to images such as Picsart or Snapseed and create a new image.

On Picsart, hit the + icon and pick 'Freestyle' under 'Collages.' Select the cropped image to add it to the canvas and hit 'Add.' Resize the character to the desired size. Then, tap 'Text' and input the new title to use — users should take this as an opportunity to make fun of themselves — then tap any blank space in the canvas to deselect the image elements and hit the download icon on top to save the meme. On Snapseed, open the cropped character image and choose 'Tools.' Select 'Expand,' hit 'White,' then drag the crop box outward to create white space on top for the text. Keep repeating the 'Expand' step until enough space is available. Hit 'Tools' again, select 'Text' and pick any of the available text styles to use, preferably one of the first eight. Double-tap on the text to modify it and hit the paint palette icon to change the text color. Tap the check mark to finalize then hit 'Export' to choose one of the saving options provided.

Once the meme has been created and saved, launch the Instagram app and post it either as a Post or Story. Instagram users should consider including the #littlemiss hashtag in their posts so that like-minded individuals can see their works of art and throw likes and comments their way.

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