How to Add Oil to a Massey 165 Tractor

The Massey 165 is a small 58-horsepower tractor perfect for the small to mid-range jobs on your farm or job site -- including mowing, tilling or leveling. For the engine and body to have a long life, you must perform regular maintenance on your Massey 165. Because they were made in the 1970s, these tractors have a reputation for burning oil -- especially after you work them extremely hard. Checking and adding oil as needed is a must for the Massey 165.

Step 1 - Park the Massey 165 tractor on a level location. Shut off the tractor.

Step 2 - Allow the tractor to cool for several hours so all the oil settles back into the engine block.

Step 3 - Locate the oil fill plug and oil dipstick on the right side -- from the driver's seat prospective -- of the engine block.

Step 4 - Pull out the dipstick and look at the tip to check the oil level between the "Add" and "Full" marked levels.

Step 5 - Unscrew the oil plug, and insert a funnel if the oil level is low.

Step 6 - Pour 10W-40 oil into the funnel slowly. Continue to insert the oil dipstick, and pull it out to check the oil level while you fill the engine block with oil. Stop adding oil when the dipstick indicates that you've filled the engine to the "Full" level.

Step 7 - Pull out the funnel. Tighten the oil plug back into the engine block. Insert the oil dipstick back into place.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Rag, Funnel, 10W-40 motor oil

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