How to Change a Fuel Pump on a 2001 Suburban

The fuel pump on the 2001 Chevrolet Suburban is located in the fuel tank; lowering the fuel tank is required in order to access the pump. The fuel pump on the Suburban is self-contained, and it includes all the necessary components needed in the fuel tank: The pump, stainer and sending unit are sold as one piece. You can purchase this assembly at your local automotive-parts store or at a local Chevrolet dealer.

Removing the Fuel Pump

Park the truck on a flat surface. Ensure the parking brake is set.

Raise the hood of the truck to access the engine compartment. Locate the relay panel behind the battery. Pull the cover off the panel and locate the relay for the fuel pump. Pull the relay with your hands. Start the truck and allow it to run until it stalls.

Siphon the fuel out of the gas tank with a siphon kit. The siphon kit can be purchased at the local automotive-parts store. Allow the fuel to drain into a drain pan or into a gasoline can. The fuel will need to be poured back into the tank once the new pump assembly is installed.

Raise the back of the truck with a jack. Position the jack under the differential and raise the truck high enough to place a set of jack stands under the frame rail. Lower the truck onto the jack stands.

Locate the fuel tank underneath the truck, at the back of the truck. Place the jack under the fuel tank and raise it up to the fuel tank. This will support the fuel tank when the straps are removed.

Unbolt the two straps that hold the tank in position, using a socket wrench. Place the straps to the side.

Lower the tank slightly to access the fuel lines and electrical wires at its top. Disconnect the wiring by pulling the tabs up at the connectors and separating them. Pull the fuel lines off at the piping.

Disconnect the filler hose at the back of the fuel tank by loosening the hose clamp with a flat-head screwdriver. Pull the hose off the tank by hand.

Lower the tank to the ground. Slide the tank off the jack and out from under the truck.

Twist the ring at the top of the tank counter-clockwise to access the fuel pump. The ring will consist of plastic tabs that can be pushed out with a punch and a hammer. Strike the hammer to the punch until the ring is able to be turned by hand. Pull the ring off the top and place to the side.

Pull the fuel pump assembly out of the tank. The complete assembly will need to be replaced.

Installing the Fuel Pump

Position the new assembly into the fuel tank. Drop the assembly in the tank at an angle to prevent damage to the fuel-sending unit. The sending unit controls the gas gauge.

Replace the O-ring around the top of the tank. Remove the old one and slide the included O-ring in its place.

Tighten the ring back onto the fuel tank by hand. Tighten by tapping the ring in a clockwise motion with the punch and hammer.

Place the tank back onto the jack. Slide the tank under the truck. Raise the tank to connect the wires and fuel lines. Push the electrical connectors together. They will lock in place. Attach the fuel lines by pushing them onto the piping until they lock in place.

Push the filler hose on to the back of the tank. Tighten the hose clamp to secure the hose in place.

Raise the tank up to the truck. Tighten the straps to the frame to secure the fuel tank. Hand-tighten the bolts until all the bolts are set in place. Tighten them with the socket wrench to ensure the bolts are tight.

Slide the jack under the rear end. Raise the truck to pull the jack stands out from under the truck. Lower the truck to the ground.

Pour the fuel back in to the fuel tank. Plug the fuse back into the fuse panel. The truck is ready to start.

Turn the ignition to the "Start" position. Hold the ignition in that position for five seconds. This will prime the fuel pump. Turn the key and allow it to start. There may be air in the fuel lines, so it may not start right away; once the air is evacuated, the truck will start up.

Allow the truck to run for five minutes. Observe for any leaks.

Tips: You can purchase fuel tank cleaner to clean the fuel tank while it is separated from the truck.

The fuel pump assembly is sold as one piece. This will include the strainer, fuel pump and fuel gauge.

Warnings: Use extreme caution when working under the truck. Ensure the front wheels are chocked. Use caution when working around gasoline. Gasoline is highly toxic and flammable.

Items you will need: Chock, Siphon kit, Drain pan, Jack, Jack stands, Socket wrench, Socket set, Flat-head screwdriver, Hammer, Punch, Fuel pump assembly

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