How to Replace a Ford Transmission Speed Sensor

Ford Motor Company offers a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, sports cars, minivans, SUVs and full-size pickup trucks. Whichever Ford model you own, the transmission is equipped with a speed sensor. The transmission speed sensor is used to monitor and control your speed. The transmission speed sensor sends the current rate of speed to your speedometer to show you just how fast you are traveling. If you notice your speedometer begins to jump around, or does not work at all, the speed sensor should be replaced immediately. Replacing the speed sensor requires just a few tools.

Step 1 - Park the Ford vehicle on a level surface and allow the vehicle to cool for 30 minutes.

Step 2 - Jack up the front of the Ford to give yourself enough room to slide underneath it. You will need to access the transmission from below to gain easy access to the speed sensor.

Step 3 - Slide under the vehicle and locate the speed sensor. On a Ford transmission, the sensor is located on the driver side of the transmission, toward the rear of the unit. The sensor is a magnetic unit that screws into the transmission and has an electrical connector plugged into it. Refer to your owner's manual, if needed.

Step 4 - Remove the electrical connector. Depress the release tabs on the sides of the connector and pull the connector away from the sensor. The sensor can now be removed. Twist and loosen the sensor from the transmission with a wrench. Remove the sensor by pulling it straight out of the transmission.

Install the new speed sensor. Place the sensor into the appropriate spot on the transmission. Secure the sensor by twisting it clockwise with the wrench until the sensor cannot be twisted any more. Plug the electrical connector into the new sensor until it clicks into place. The sensor is now installed. Slide out from underneath the vehicle. Slowly lower the jack. The sensor is now ready for use.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Wrench, Replacement sensor

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