How to Reset the Low Coolant Light in a Monte Carlo

If the "Low Coolant" light in your Chevrolet Monte Carlo goes on, you need to fill your radiator before it will turn off.

This is one of the sensors in the Monte Carlo that you cannot reset manually. The sensor is in the radiator reservoir at the fill line. It triggers the dashboard light if it is not submerged in coolant.

Once you have refilled your radiator with coolant, it can take a little bit of time for the dashboard light to reset.

Step 1 - Open the hood of your Monte Carlo and locate the radiator and the plastic coolant tank. If you have recently driven your car, wait for the engine to cool. Do not attempt to fill a radiator in a warm engine.

Step 2 - Find the fill lines on the coolant tank and note how much antifreeze you will need.

Step 3 - Remove the cap from the top of the tank and pour in enough coolant to reach the top fill line. You should use a 50-50 mix of coolant and water.

Step 4 - Replace the cap and close the hood.

TIPS: If your coolant tank is full and your low coolant light refuses to turn off, your coolant sensor may have gone out. Contact your mechanic.


WARNINGS: Never remove the coolant tank cap from a hot engine. The coolant is under pressure and could spew out, causing burns.

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