How to Remove the Transmission in a GMC Safari

The transmission on the GMC Safari is one component that may eventually wear out or be damaged and need to be replaced. If you were to take your Safari to the shop, it may cost you hundreds of dollars just to remove the transmission. You can do this yourself for little or no money. All you need is a jack and some tools.

Step 1 - Lift the front and rear of your Safari with the jack and place it on jack stands.

Step 2 - Remove the shift linkage bolts and throttle kick-down bolts from the transmission using the ratchet set. Remove the vacuum hoses on the transmission. Remove the speedometer cable as well.

Step 3 - Slide the U-joint out of the transmission. Place the transmission jack under the transmission and lift the transmission slightly.

Step 4 - Disconnect the lower bell housing, torque converter, and bell housing bolts using the ratchet set. Remove the rear transmission mount and cross member bolts using the ratchet set. Lift the transmission using the jack to remove the cross member.

Step 5 - Lower the transmission while rolling it away from the frame.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Jack, Jack stands, Ratchet set

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