How to Check Chevy Truck Codes

If your Chevrolet truck is not running properly or the check engine light comes on, you may be able to determine what is wrong with it by checking the error codes in the truck's computer. Error codes are designed to fire if the vehicle's computer senses a problem with the vehicle. These codes can be used to pinpoint specific problems and greatly reduce the amount of time needed to troubleshoot the vehicle. You will need to use a vehicle error code code reader to find out what error codes your Chevy truck is currently firing.

STEP 1 - Select a code reader to look up your Chevy truck's error codes. The majority of mechanic shops have error code readers. You can also purchase one from an auto repair supply shop. Some parts stores even offer free code reader diagnosis services.

STEP 2 - Scan your Chevy truck's computer with the code reader. Record all of the error codes that it provides. How you perform the actual scan will depend on the age and model of your truck as well as the specific model of error code reader you are using.

STEP 3 - Decode the error codes to determine what problems your Chevy is experiencing. The scanner should have some kind of code reading booklet or decoder. You can also go online to the Engine Light Help website (see Resources) and review both generic and Chevrolet specific error codes until you are able to match your code to a problem.

TIPS: Newer model vehicles must have error codes erased using the code reader, so your truck may list multiple error codes or problems that you have previously repaired when you scan it for error codes.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Code reader, Code decoder

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