How to Clean a Ford Taurus EGR Valve

After months of service, the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve in your Ford Taurus becomes dirty with carbon deposits and road debris that from time to time may become lodged between the diaphragm and its mounting base. Cleaning the valve is a simple process if done carefully. The guide applies to the 3.0L engine, which is similar to other models.

STEP 1 - Park the car in a safe place. Open the hood and wait for the engine to cool down, if necessary.

STEP 2 - Locate the EGR valve on the right side, toward the rear of the engine. The valve looks like a large, flat, metal mushroom.

STEP 3 - Disconnect the vacuum line from the top of the EGR valve with your hand. Make sure the vacuum line is not hardened or torn and is free of obstructions. If it is damaged, replace the vacuum line.

STEP 4 - Unscrew the threaded fitting between the EGR pipe and the valve. You can use a regular wrench or an adjustable wrench. Make sure the wrench fits squarely on the threaded fitting to avoid rounding the nut.

STEP 5 - Remove the two mounting bolts from the EGR valve using a wrench or ratchet and socket. Set the bolts in a safe place.

STEP 6 - Detach the EGR valve from its mounting base and pipe. Discard the gasket located underneath the valve and clean the mating surfaces of the base of the valve and its mounting base. Use a plastic scraper to avoid damage to the mating surfaces.

STEP 7 - Turn the valve over and clean the carbon deposits from the bottom and pintle with a dull scraper and wire brush. Be careful not to score or damage the base. Lightly tap the valve on a hard surface to remove the carbon deposits. Clean any debris lodged between the diaphragm and the case. If you use a solvent to clean the valve from carbon deposits, make sure the solvent does not reach the diaphragm; otherwise, it may be damaged and a new EGR valve will be necessary.

STEP 8 - Install a new EGR valve gasket and set the valve in place by hand. Install the mounting bolts by hand.

STEP 9 - Thread the pipe fitting by hand and make sure it turns freely to avoid damage to the threads; then tighten the mounting bolts with a wrench or ratchet and the pipe nut with a wrench or adjustable wrench.

STEP 10 - Connect the vacuum line to the top of the EGR valve.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Wrench set Adjustable wrench Ratchet and socket set Plastic scraper New EGR valve gasket

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