How to Reset a Chevy Silverado Computer

You can reset the computer in your Chevy Silverado without having to disconnect the battery. All cars and trucks built in 1996 or later have an OBD (onboard diagnostic) II diagnostic link connector (DLC). These connectors can be plugged into with an affordable car code reader/eraser to check what codes have tripped the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and caused the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light to illuminate on the dashboard of your Silverado.

How to Reset a Chevy Silverado Computer

STEP 1 - Place the ignition key in the Silverado and turn it to the key on/engine off position.

STEP 2 - Locate the DLC (diagnostic link connector) on the Silverado under the driver's side dashboard near the steering column.

STEP 3 - Plug the trapezoidal shaped plug of the OBD II code reader into the DLC. The power (battery) from the Silverado will turn the code reader on automatically.

STEP 4 - Use the up and down arrows on the code reader to manipulate through the menu. Choose "Read Codes" first.

STEP 5 - Write down the codes on a piece of paper and save that for future reference.

STEP 6 - Use the up and down arrows to manipulate the options on the code clearer to the "Erase Codes" option. Erase the codes.

STEP 7 - Start the engine in the Silverado to ensure that the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon lights are no longer illuminated.

TIPS: Depending on the code(s) read from the OBD II code reader, a variety of scenarios could unfold. A "hard" code would and could either not reset the Check Engine light or it could come back on after a few seconds. In some cases, the computer may need to run through a series of monitors before it re-triggers the DTC. In those cases, further diagnosis or repairs will be needed to solve the problem. There are also some minor codes that can sometimes trip a computer and be solved by resetting the code. If the Check Engine light remains out for a day or so, but comes back on, re-read the code to see if the same code is present. If so, then further diagnostic or repair will be necessary.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: OBD II car code reader/eraser, Pen and paper

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