How to Sew Leather Car Seats

Leather car seats add a luxury feel to any vehicle. By adding leather seats, not only does this enhance the car, but will also increase the sale and resale value of the car. Leather is durable, easy to clean and breathes better than vinyl.

STEP 1 - Take a picture of the old fabric car seat. This will be used when sewing the pieces together. Often times, being able to see the end result helps through the sewing process.

STEP 2 - Remove the fabric from the original car seat. Use a seam ripper. Once the seam begins to rip, follow the fabric seams, using the seam ripper to cut through the fabric threads. This will be time consuming, but be patient.

STEP 3 - Continue using the seam ripper to cut out the seams of the fabric pieces. This will give you a pattern for cutting into the leather.

STEP 4 - Lay the pattern pieces on the table inside down.

STEP 5 - Use rotary cutters to cut a pattern using the old car seat fabric. Take your time. If you cut the leather the wrong way, you will have to start over.

STEP 6 - Using the car seat picture as a guide, sew the leather pieces together. There should be several pieces to sew together. Make sure to use a long stitch on the sewing machine as leather can tear easy. The heavy-duty sewing machine will do the hard work of sewing the leather pieces together.

STEP 7 - Take your time fitting the leather seat into the car seat. Once the leather is secure in the car seat, nail or staple the leather into the underside of the car seat. This will help keep the leather secure.

TIPS: Use thread that matches the color of your leather.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Heavy-duty sewing machine, Heavy-duty thread, Leather sewing needles, Leather, Measuring tape, Fabric, Seam ripper, Camera, Rotary cutter

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