How to Change the Transmission Fluid on a Polaris 250 Trail Blazer

The Polaris 250 Trail Blazer is an all-terrain vehicle used for off-roading. The transmission is located on the side of the engine under the removable casing. Changing the transmission fluid on the vehicle is a part of routine maintenance that you should do every 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Clean transmission fluid prevents buildup in the engine and keeps the gears shifting smoothly. A special tool called a fluid pump is required to change the fluid on the Trail Blazer. This job should take you about half an hour to complete.

Park the Trail Blazer on flat ground and allow the engine to cool down.

Remove the six screws securing the engine case at the front of the vehicle, using the Phillips screwdriver. Place the screws in a safe location to keep them from getting lost while completing the fluid change.

Find the transmission on the right side of the engine. Remove the bolt in the center of the transmission assembly using the 1/2-inch socket wrench. Set the bolt to the side.

Place the plastic hose of the fluid pump into the bolt hole. Pump the handle until the meter reads 1.5 quarts. Empty the transmission fluid from the fluid pump's tank into a safe plastic container.

Fill the fluid pump tank with 1.5 quarts of new transmission fluid. Place the clear hose into the transmission bolt hole. Switch the tab on the clear hose to "inject" and pump the handle until the fluid pump's tank is empty.

Replace the transmission bolt and reattach the engine casing.

Items you will need: Phillips screwdriver, 1/2-inch socket wrench, Fluid pump, Plastic container

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