How to Keep Chrome Rims From Rusting

Chrome rims on a vehicle can certainly enhance its appearance. They're expensive to buy, but when they are new, they shine brightly. They even add value to your ride. Over time, though, without frequent cleaning and polishing, wear and tear can easily dull chrome rims. From there, if they're still not properly maintained, they end up rusting. Before they get to that point, you need to take action.

Step 1 - Spray the chrome rims on your vehicle off with a garden hose.

Step 2 - Mix your car wash and polish product with water according the product's instructions. Wash the chrome rims thoroughly with a sponge.

Step 3 - Rinse off the chrome rims with a garden hose again. If dirt and grime are still there, use a chrome rim spray cleaner. Spray it on, wash the chrome with a sponge, then spray the rims clean.

Step 4 - Wipe the rims with soft cloths to dry them and apply a coating of wax to each. Allow the wax to dry, then wipe it off with soft cloths.

TIPSL: To keep chrome rims from rusting, wash them once a week.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Garden hose, Car wash and polish product suitable for chrome, Sponge, Chrome rim cleaner, Clean, soft rags, Chrome wax

WARNINGS: Use only products that are designed to clean or polish chrome rims. Don't use stiff brushes, scouring pads or household cleaners. Don't wash chrome rims immediately after driving the vehicle, according to Autoanything.com (see references). Allow them to cool down first so they're not damaged by cold water.

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