How to Change the Headlight Bulb on a Honda VTX Motorcycle

The Honda VTX is a motorcycle available with either an 1800cc or a 1300cc engine. The Honda VTX is one of the more popular motorcycles on the market, and is often heavily modified by its owners. Replacing the headlight bulb in your Honda VTX is not difficult; replacement only takes about 10 minutes, and is the same whether you have the 1800cc version or the 1300cc version.

STEP 1 - Check your owner's manual to determine the specific bulb you need to purchase. Different years may require different replacement bulbs.

STEP 2 - Park and safely stand your Honda VTX. Use the socket wrench to unhook the headlight assembly ring. There is one bolt on each side of the assembly. When replacing a bulb, it is not necessary to remove the entire assembly, only the ring and lens setup.

STEP 3 - Pull the headlight ring and the lens (they are attached) from the headlight assembly. Gently twist and pull the bulb from the rear of the ring and lens setup. Disconnect the bulb from its connection.

STEP 4 - Install the new bulb and insert it into the setup. Twist it to lock. Remount the headlight ring and lens setup and replace the bolts.

TIPS: Use a standard 8mm wrench if you don't have a socket wrench.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Socket wrench, 8 mm attachment

WARNINGS: Don't attempt to replace the headlight bulb when your lights are on.

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