How to Troubleshoot a Headlight Problem on a Hyundai Sonata

If the headlights on your Hyundai Sonata are malfunctioning, they should be fixed immediately. Faulty headlights can obscure road vision and lead to car accidents and serious injury. Loose electrical connections, burned out bulbs and popped fuses create most headlight problems, and all three have a quick fix.

STEP 1 - Turn off the engine. Allow it to cool down before checking the connections. Open the hood.

STEP 2 - Lightly tug on the electrical connector at the rear of Sonata's headlamp assembly. If the connector comes out, securely plug it into the rear of the assembly. If the headlights are still malfunctioning, you may need to replace the bulb.

STEP 3 - Rotate both of the plastic covers counterclockwise to remove them. The larger cover contains the low-beam bulb and the smaller one contains the high-beam bulb.

STEP 4 - Disconnect the power cord from the bulb base at the back of the assembly. Push the bulb spring on the assembly to remove the light bulb. Pull the old bulb out and place the new bulb in. The low-beam lights use H7 bulbs. The high-beam lights use H1 bulbs. Reattach the bulb spring and reconnect the power cord. Refasten the plastic covers. If the headlights still malfunction, there may be a problem with the headlight fuse.

STEP 5 - Locate the under-hood junction box on the driver's side of the vehicle, behind the engine. Remove the cover and locate the fuse labeled "HD LP LO." This is the headlamp fuse. If the fuse is broken, you will need to replace it. A fuse is broken if the metal inside is no longer in one single piece. Use your index finger and thumb to remove the fuse. Replace it with a new 15A fuse. Replace the cover and close the hood.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Replacement H1/H7 bulb, Replacement 15A fuse

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