How to Change a Headlight in a Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot headlight system uses an H11 halogen bulb in a composite headlight assembly. Change the bulb from the rear of the assembly, working from the engine compartment. The bulb is readily available from any auto part store and can be changed in a matter of minutes. The H11 bulb puts out 55 watts of power to provide a clean, bright light in front of your Pilot. Honda recommends changing both bulbs together to keep the light balanced but it is not required.

Step 1 - Open the hood and locate the headlight assembly from the rear. The headlight bulb is located on the inner most end of the assembly.

Step 2 - Locate the electrical connector on the base of the bulb. Release the locking tab and pull the connector straight down and off the bulb. Lay the connector aside for now.

Step 3 - Grasp the bulb by the plastic base and turn it counterclockwise ¼-turn and then pull it straight out of the back of the assembly. Discard the old bulb. Install a new H11 bulb into the headlight assembly, being careful not to touch the glass on the bulb with your hands. The oils in your hands will cause the bulb to overheat, cracking the glass and cause the vacuum to fail. The bulb will then fail.

Step 4 - Turn the new bulb ¼-turn clockwise to lock the bulb into place. Position the electrical connector on the base of the bulb, pushing it up until the locking tab engages the base of the bulb.

Step 5 - Move to the opposite side of your Pilot and repeat the process to change the second bulb if you choose. Turn on the headlight switch to test the repair. Check both high and low beams on the headlights to ensure they are working correctly.

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