How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Dodge Durango

How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Dodge Durango. The Dodge Durango is a sports utility vehicle and is part of the Chrysler line of vehicles since its introduction in 1993. The vehicle received modifications in 2004. There are several Durango engine types, but the most common are the 3.7L engines. The oil pan in the Dodge vehicle will need dropped whenever there is damage to it, or when it needs cleaned.

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Turn on the Durango and run it for at least 10 minutes, a few times around the block is best. This will get the engine oil up to temperature allowing it to drain better for you.

Park the vehicle on a flat, stable surface that gives you enough room to move around under. Jack up the Durango following the directions provided with your jack and jack stands.

Open the hood of the Durango and located the engine oil cap, found on the right side of the engine, towards the middle. Remove the cap by twisting it off and set aside, allowing ventilation and pressure release.

Climb under the vehicle and located the oil pan. The oil pan is on the underside of the engine, between the car's tires. It is a rectangular shaped pan with a plug located on the end towards the back of the car.

Place an oil drip pan under the oil pan and pull the plug by twisting it and pulling it. This will release all oil from the vehicle, draining it into the pan below. Allow the oil to drain until there is nothing left coming out.

Use a wrench to loosen the bolts of the oil pan. There are a total of 17 of them located around the edge of the oil pan, connecting it to the frame of the engine. Store safely.

Remove the oil pump pickup tube and oil pan gasket, which are connected to the oil pan. You will find these as soon as you drop the oil pan.

Tips: In the Durango 4.7L engine, you will need to remove the negative battery located under the hood on the battery before proceeding. Then remove the structural cover, exhaust Y-pipe, starter motor and transmission oil cooler lines all of which are on or next to the oil pan and removed using a wrench.

Warnings: In the Durango 5.7L engine, you will need to install an engine support device since the engine frame must be loosened for the oil pan to be removed. Unless you have extensive equipment and skill to perform this step, it is highly advisable to allow a professional to drop the oil pan in this make and model of the Durango.

Items you will need: Jack and jack stands, Oil drip pan, Wrenches

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