How to Replace the Turn Signal Bulb on a Mazda Tribute

A burned out turn signal bulb can make your Mazda Tribute unsafe to drive, and can earn you a citation in some states. Replacing a defective turn signal bulb on a Tribute is no more difficult than replacing car headlights, although a different tool is required. The procedure is identical for the front and rear signals. You can perform the job anywhere, so it makes sense to keep a spare turn signal bulb in your Mazda.

Step 1 - Turn off the ignition to the Mazda Tribute.

Step 2 - Remove the colored lens covering the bulb, with a Phillips screwdriver. Set the screws to the side.

Step 3 - Pull out the complete bulb housing as far as you can. Don’t pull too hard or you will disconnect the wires.

Step 4 - Follow the wires to the back of the turn signal light. (The other wires go to the tail light and brake light.) Unscrew the bulb holder to the turn signal light. Turn it a quarter of a turn, and pull it out.

Step 5 - Pull the bulb straight out.

Step 6 - Insert the new bulb by pushing it straight into the socket. It should snap in and fit snugly.

Step 7 - Reassemble the turn signal assembly to the Mazda Tribute by reversing the steps you used to remove the bulb.

TIPS: Check your Mazda Tribute owner's manual to determine the correct replacement bulb for your car.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Phillips screwdriver

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