How to Replace Your Turn Signal Relay in a Oldsmobile Alero

If the turn signal in your Oldsmobile Alero isn't working properly and you already replaced the bulbs, there may be something wrong with the turn signal relay. Replacing the turn signal relay is something most anyone can accomplish and it only takes a few minutes. In addition, it can save you money on auto repair charges.

STEP 1 - Grab a flashlight and locate the relay panel in your Oldsmobile Alero. It should be underneath the steering column and above the brake pedal. On some earlier models, there may not be a panel cover.

STEP 2 - Use a screwdriver to remove the relay panel and look on the underside of that panel for a relay diagram. This diagram should tell you exactly where the turn signal relay is located. Also, make sure you put the screws in a safe place, so you don't lose them.

STEP 3 - Remove the defective turn signal relay and put the new one in the same position. There may be a clip, which holds the turn signal relay in place. Release this clip before you remove the relay. Don't use too much force during removal or installation, as you could damage the new relay or other parts in the vicinity.

STEP 4 - Check that the turn signal works by turning on the electrical system and activating the turn signal. If there's still a problem, verify that you installed the relay correctly.

STEP 5 - Put the relay panel back into place and dispose of the old turn signal relay.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Flashlight, Screwdriver, Turn signal relay

WARNINGS: The Olds Alero year 2002 model has had a history of electrical problems to the point there was a recall. Therefore, the problem may be bigger than just the turn signal relay in that year model.

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