How to Reset the Engine Light on a Toyota Camry

When you see the "Check Engine" light on your Toyota Camry's display panel, it has illuminated because of the ECU, or "Electronic Control Unit." This is a computer that stores codes sent to it by sensors positioned throughout the vehicle. When this light comes on, you should take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic or fix it yourself as soon as possible. Once the problem is fixed, you can reset the system and turn the light off manually.

STEP 1 - Locate the fuse panel cover under the steering column. Pull down on it with your fingers to remove it.

STEP 2 - Examine the diagram on the fuse panel cover and find the electronic control unit fuse.

STEP 3 - Remove the fuse puller from inside the fuse panel and use it to pull the fuse out for the electronic control unit.

STEP 4 - Put the key into the ignition and turn on the car but don't turn over the engine. Wait a few minutes then put the fuse back in place. You should notice the check engine light blinking a few times on the instrument panel, then it will go off.

STEP 5 - Turn off the engine and replace the fuse panel cover.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Ignition key

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