How to Rotate Tires on a Dodge Ram

Dodge has turned out many versions of the popular Dodge Ram pickup truck since its inception in 1917. The Ram offers a full-size cargo bed and comes in two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions. It is a heavy vehicle, making tire rotation on jack stands a little more difficult than on a hydraulic lift.

STEP 1 - Park the truck on a flat surface and place a piece of wood behind the back tires to keep the truck from rolling while you jack up the front of the truck. Loosen all the lug nuts on each of the tires.

STEP 2 - Place two jacks under the front of the vehicle, one on each side and then lift the rear up on another two jack stands. Jack up truck leaving just enough room to take off tires.

STEP 3 - Move the passenger side rear tire to the front, and passenger side front to driver side rear. Switch driver side rear tire to the front and driver side front to passenger side rear. Tighten lug nuts, but not completely.

STEP 4 - Lower the rear first and replace the wood behind the tires. Lower the front end and then go around and tighten each lug nut to its tightest fit. If on a lift, lower the whole truck and tighten lug nuts.

STEP 5 - Take the truck in for an alignment after rotating the tires to ensure the tires wear evenly.

TIPS: Change the tires from side to side if the tires are different sizes in front and back.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Four jacks or hydraulic lift, Lug nut wrench

WARNINGS: Don't allow anyone to go under the truck while it is in the air. Never use bumper jacks to raise the truck. When you rotate tires yourself, you won't get the benefit of balancing that is done in a service station.

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