How to Replace a Tail Light of a Volkswagen Jetta

You are driving your Jetta and you realize that your tail light has burnt out. Now you need to replace it. Changing a tail light is an easy fix that you can do yourself. You will never again have to take your Jetta to the dealership or mechanic for a burnt out tail light. Read on to learn how to replace a tail light of a Volkswagen Jetta.

STEP 1 - Figure out which tail light bulb has burnt out and needs to be replaced. Make a trip to your local auto parts store and buy a new bulb. The clerk will be able to help you figure out which bulb you need. You will have to give him the year and the model of your Jetta.

STEP 2 - Open the trunk. Locate the little door on either side of the trunk that houses the tail lights. Turn the two latches to open the door.

STEP 3 - Squeeze the tabs that house the light bulbs to release the tail light tray. Pull the tray out of the light compartment.

STEP 4 - Remove the light that needs to be replaced by turning it counter-clockwise. Pull the tail light out of its socket.

STEP 5 - Replace the burnt out bulb by inserting the new bulb and turning it clockwise to lock it in place. Snap the light tray back into place and make sure that the tabs click to hold the tray in place.

STEP 6 - Check that the tail light is working properly and then close the door to the lighting compartment and turn the knobs to lock it closed. You are done.

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