How to Change a Tail Light on a Toyota Camry

Changing a tail light on a Toyota Camry does not require tools and can be done in minutes. The tail lights and brake lights are important safety features that allow drivers behind you to see you, and to know if you are stopping or turning. As such, they are important to maintain. If the bulbs are burned out on your tail lights, take a few minutes and change them. You can purchase replacement bulbs at any auto parts store or at the Toyota dealership.

Step 1 - Open the trunk of your Camry and locate the tail light assembly covers to the right and left of the trunk lid. The cover is plastic and rectangular shaped. It snaps open on the inner edge and hinges to the outside edge.

Step 2 - Open the tail light assembly cover and locate the light bulb sockets inside. Pull out the socket that corresponds to the burned-out light, turning it counterclockwise to unlock it from the assembly. The top bulb is the turn signal, second is the stop light, third is the running light and the last bulb is the backup light.

Step 3 - Pull the socket straight back and out of the assembly. Remove the bulb from the socket. The bulb pulls straight out of the socket and can be discarded. Insert a new bulb and push it in until it is fully seated in the socket.

Step 4 - Insert the socket and bulb into the tail light assembly and turn the socket clockwise until it stops, locking it in place. Close the cover, making sure it snaps closed so that it is secure. This will help keep moisture and dirt out of the tail light assembly.

Step 5 - Close the trunk and test the lights to be sure they are working. If you have lights out on both sides, you will need to repeat the process on the opposite tail light before testing the lights.

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