How to Dispose of Car Coolants

Used car coolant -- also called antifreeze -- can contain a plethora of potentially harmful chemicals. These include lead, cadmium, chromium and possibly other heavy metals. Antifreeze is both attractive and poisonous to children and pets. Clean up spills immediately. Coolant also wreaks havoc on septic systems by killing the good bacteria that breaks down waste. Finally, improperly disposing of used coolant is against the law in most areas.

Recycling Your Coolant

Ethylene glycol -- the active ingredient in most automotive coolant -- is recyclable. Many auto repair shops, landfills and municipal governments are equipped to recycle used coolant. To find a coolant recycling location near you, visit the website "Earth 911." To transport the used coolant to the recycling location, use a plastic or metal container with a tight seal.

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