How to Replace a Mustang PCV Valve

The positive crankcase ventilation valve's role in engine emissions is to draw metered amounts of air and unburned gases from the crankcase back into the intake manifold so it can be recycled into the cylinders and burned. The PCV valve on the Ford Mustang sits in the top of the valve cover where unburned gases tend to form. Oil on the valve cover around the PCV valve and grommet indicates a valve that is not functioning and needs replacing.

Step 1 - Open the hood of your Mustang and locate the PCV valve on the rear of the driver’s side valve cover. The PCV valve is a small metallic piece with a fitting on it at 90 degrees to the main body of the valve. It has a large rubber hose attached to it that runs to the intake manifold.

Step 2 - Grasp the valve and pull it straight up and out of the valve cover. The valve just sits in a rubber grommet so it does not require much effort to remove.

Step 3 - Grasp the rubber hose attached to the fitting on the PCV valve; pull straight back while twisting it back and forth to remove it from the valve. Lay the hose aside for now and discard the old PCV valve.

Step 4 - Install the large rubber hose onto the new PCV valve, pushing the hose onto the valve sitting until it seats completely on the fitting. Push the new PCV valve into the grommet on the top of the valve cover, making sure it sits down on the lip molded into the valve body.

Step 5 - Wipe any oil off the valve cover with a rag or shop towel. Close the hood of your Ford Mustang.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Clean rag or shop towels

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